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At Pyramid we realised that there is a large requirement for quality sawn wood which is used for Door Frames, Window Frames, Shutters and other interior works.
We understand the customers need and then offer the correct specie of hard or soft wood depending on the application. The timber is first cut to size, seasoned, planed, sanded and machined thereby offering a ready to install product.
The process of seasoning is one of the most critical aspects to ensure that the wood does not crack, bend or warp as these are issues which arise due to the inherent moisture in the wood. We at Pyramid have one of the largest fully automated installed seasoning capacities in the country today. Moisture is carefully removed from the wood cells without rupturing or cracking the timber. Only when the optimum moisture content is reached does further processes take place, the correct seasoning ensures that sawn sizes are supplied which will last for generations to come.